Video: IOF storm village in which they intend to demolish 100 buildings

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Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) destroyed on Thursday a sit-in tent that was erected in solidarity with the 500 people from Wadi al-Hummus, southeast of Jerusalem, who’s homes have been given demolition orders.

The IOF pulled down the tent, in which residents were praying, before firing tear gas at the crowd causing dozens to suffer from the inhalation. Stun grenades were thrown from close range, setting fire to agricultural crops in the area.

الاحتلال بقمع مسيرة وادي الحمص بالقدس

Publiée par PNN Network sur Jeudi 11 juillet 2019


Israeli occupation authorities have targeted about 230 apartments in the area, giving the owners until the 18th of this month to demolish their own properties.

The Israeli army demolishing crews and Jerusalem municipality have stormed the apartments twice in less than a week, after engineers and explosives experts took the measurements of these apartments, inspecting the exits and entrances and the road leading to them.

This came after the Israeli Supreme Court issued a decision on June 30 that granted the IOF the right to demolish some 230 apartments in about 100 residential buildings within the Wadi al-Hummus neighborhood of Sur Bahir, south of Jerusalem.

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