Kushner: The economic plan will not be achieved without Palestinian leadership

PNN/ Washington/

Adviser to US President Donald Trump, Jared Kushner, has said that the economic section of the US’s “Deal of the Century” can be achieved, but “not without Palestinian leadership”.

Kushner spoke to Arab and Israeli journalists about boycotting the Palestinian economic conference in Bahrain via a telephone interview, claiming that it was “part of the American media efforts to market [the “Deal of the Century”] to Arab readers.”

Kushner reiterated his criticism of the Palestinian leadership, implicitly acknowledging that it had so far succeeded in preventing him achieving his goal.

Russia Today reported Trump stressing that $28 billion of the $50 billion allocated in the “Deal of the Century” will be invested in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and “these billions will not come if the Palestinian leadership does not change its ways”.

Kushner further claimed that “despite the unprecedented Palestinian attack on the Americans, the doors of the White House are still open to the Palestinians and the Palestinian leadership.”