Greenblatt: The PLO office can be reopened in Washington if conditions are met

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US Special Representative for International Negotiations, Jason Greenblatt, has revealed the US administration’s requirements for reopening the PLO’s representative office in Washington.

“The PLO office in Washington can be reopened once negotiations are resumed,” Greenblatt said. “Palestinians can contact the White House directly without having to travel to the US embassy after the closure of the US Consulate in Jerusalem.”

“The PLO office could have been kept open if it was involved in a peace process,” Greenblatt told local al-Ayyam newspaper. “Because President Abbas threatened Israel with going to the ICC, we had to close it.”

He said that the US were not able to sign the resolution because after the declaration of Jerusalem, President Abbas boycotted us, and it was impossible for us to actually sign a decision on the organization’s office because you did not participate in the peace process. According to his speech.

“Maybe that can be fixed. I am not a lawyer now, I have to check him out, when you participate in the peace process.”

Regarding the closure of the consulate in Jerusalem, he said: “We have a responsibility to American taxpayers. If we have a diplomatic mission in Jerusalem because we have now recognized that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, the presence of two diplomatic missions in Jerusalem is a waste of money from taxpayers. “

“What we have done is that we have established a unit for Palestinian affairs at the embassy, ​​the same group of people who have the same knowledge of dealing with the Palestinians and are in the same building. The integration took place in the embassy, ​​so I know it is different, but I understand that in this regard The link between the US government and the Palestinian people will be the same as before.

“More importantly, if someone is uncomfortable dealing with the embassy from the Palestinian side, anyone is welcome to contact me directly at the White House, and they do not have to deal with the embassy,” Greenblatt said.

In another context, Greenblatt said that the US administration did not decide when to publish the political vision of the solution. “We did not decide when to make the political vision. We consider the Israeli elections to decide whether to launch them before or after the elections before or after the formation of the government. President Trump decision soon.

But he said that the American team understands that things will not be easy. “It will not be a surprise,” he said. “Anyone who believes that we can have a plan that everyone accepts immediately does not understand this conflict, so we are quite ready for a very difficult launch and impossible to reverse.”

“We understand that no one can come up with a plan that everyone accepts, but I think the only way to overcome this conflict is for everyone to agree that no one can make a perfect plan, and the parties have to go into the room together and sit down and talk about each issue and negotiate On every issue until the agreement. “

The US administration faced great difficulties in bringing participants to the economic workshop in Bahrain, prompting Greenblatt to stress that if the Palestinian and Israeli sides did not reach the negotiating room, things would fail.

“But if we do not get to the room because people are not ready to enter, that’s what happened with the Palestinian side in Bahrain, nothing will happen and we understand that,” Greenblatt said.

“This will not be the first time that the peace process has failed. If that happens, the idea that the United States, the United Nations or the European Union has some magic formula to make this conflict disappear is not true, so people either accept the fact that they need to go in and do the hard work of whether they can get out of it. The other side or want to be unwilling to enter the room, this is the reality and we understand that. “

“The second part of the Bahrain workshop now is that we will receive feedback from all participants, that is to say all countries and all businessmen, I hope so many others, and of course we would like to get feedback from the Palestinian leadership, We think it will be important comments. “

“We do not want to make it a political reaction, in the sense that the political comments will come to the political plan and be compatible with each other, but I think the Palestinian leadership must understand that, although they say otherwise, the conference represented a great success, “People believe in the Palestinian people, they want to help the Palestinian people, and they can create an incredible economy for the Palestinian people if we reach peace, and I do not want to miss this opportunity for the Palestinian leadership.”

“Separately, we want to receive reactions from ordinary Palestinians, so we will be inviting invitations. There may be one idea: to invite Palestinian journalists to the White House or to be somewhere neutral, and to make our team make direct offers to the Palestinian media And make the Palestinian media able to monitor and explain the meaning of the plan for people. “

“The economic plan is not final, we have done a lot of work on it, Jared Kouchner and many other members of the administration, but we know it still needs to work and more observations we receive, especially from the Palestinians, then the plan becomes better.”

“We are not trying to impose anything on the Palestinians, but if it happens over the coming months when we announce the political plan, if the Palestinians and the Israelis can get into a room together and resolve this process, that’s what they can be waiting for, I know that some people on the Palestinian side say that we are trying to settle the national cause of the Palestinian people. We are not, but we firmly believe that without a serious economic plan, there will be no successful peace agreement. “

Asked about his continued Twitter comments against the Palestinians, Greenblatt said: “I do not condemn the Palestinians, but some of the statements of the leadership, some of which are not everything, and I have to get things out of the text about terrorism, glorification of terrorists, Official American or talk about the plan, and this is very different from the Israelis who have no comparison in this aspect. There was a Palestinian woman who was killed by stones that an Israeli had allegedly thrown at me, but I was turned away. And the case of the rabbi who made racist statements about the Palestinians, I talked about it. “

“But what I’m not doing is getting involved in politics. People are asking me: Why do not I Twitter against Netanyahu if he makes a statement? It is a political statement that I will not interfere in. I do not interfere with President Abbas’s political statements. I am speaking only when it directly affects peace efforts, terrorism or such things. “

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