MADA: 28 attacks against media freedoms in Palestine during June, 27 of which committed by the Occupation


June has witnessed a decline in the number of violations against media freedoms in Palestine, compared to May.

The Palestinian Center for Development & Media Freedoms has monitored, during June, a total of 28 attacks against media freedoms in Palestine, 27 of which were committed by the Israeli Occupation while only one attack was committed by the Palestinian authorities.

May has witnessed a dramatic rise in the number of attacks which amounted to 84, and this high rise at the time is attributed to the closure of 65 pages and accounts of journalists by the Facebook.

The number of Israeli attacks against media freedoms in Palestine increased in June compared with the previous month, jumping from 18 in May to 27 in June, five of which were committed in Gaza Strip while 22 in the West Bank.

As usual, plenty of the Israeli attacks registered in this month fall under the serious attacks threatening the lives of journalists, especially those registered in Gaza Strip, most prominently: the injury of the photojournalist Nidal Shafiq Ishataya (two metal gunshots), the injury of the freelance journalist Saleh Abedrabu Abdullah Qarmout (direct gas bomb at the head-above the ear), the injury of the volunteer journalist Ikhlas Al-Qrenawi (gunshot in her foot), the injury of Mohammad Kassab (direct gas bomb in the neck), the injury of the photojournalist Raed Yousef Abu Mathkour (gunshot in the leg), the arrest of the journalist amer Tawfiq Abu Halil upon raiding his house at dawn, breaking into the house of the freelance journalist Mohammad Sharaf Al-Shuaibe, summon and detain him under the pretext that he did not respond to a formed call by the occupation intelligence, in addition to the deliberate attack of the occupation soldiers to the gathering of journalists while they were covering a demonstration at Al-Bireh entrance by gas bombs, resulting in the injury of 17 female/male journalists with severe suffocation and vomiting. This is in addition to issuing a traffic ticket of 1000 NIS to the photojournalist Rajai Al-Khatib deliberately claiming that he “endangered the life of a police officer” while he was covering the clashes in Issawiya in occupied Jerusalem.

In an unusual precedent, July has not witnessed any Palestinian violation against media freedoms in the West Bank and Gaza Strip by the official authorities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The only Palestinian violation recorded this month was the exposure of the director of investigative journalism unit of “Watan” Network, the journalist Nizar Habash, to several telephone threats following the preparation and dissemination of the investigate on a beauty salon and its practices by the Network given that these practices have caused physical and bodily harm to some women.

This is the second month that has not witnessed any violation in the West Bank in particular, which promises a positive direction for the new Palestinian government, which has declared its commitment to protect press freedoms since its establishment about three months ago.

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