In partnership with Zawyeh Gallery and for the first of its kind exhibition hosted at La Vie, in their underground cistern. It’s the first exhibition in Palestine that will occur below ground and with no electricity.

Visitors will be given a flashlight and invited to explore the art depicting Palestinian struggles and steadfastness that are hung on the stone walls of the traditional injasa bier under the restaurant itself.

To access the art, visitors will descend a stairway that features traditional stone man ship, thus creating a unique environment and ambience in which to experience the Palestinian struggle.

On the main floor art features an exploration of Palestinian aesthetics through beautiful landscape and human figures.

Curated by Ziad Anani, the exhibition features high quality reproductions of original art by Palestinian artists including Tayseer Barakat, Sliman Mansour, Khaled Hourani, Nabil Anani, Hosni Radwan, Rana Samara and Ibrahim Mozain.

The concept behind the exhibition and the larger project is to make high quality art accessible and affordable.

The opening reception is hosted from 6pm until 9pm and will also present an opportunity to interact with the artists themselves.

The exhibition will run until August 20th.