IOF arrest 34 Palestinian in West Bank and Jerusalem

PNN/ Bethlehem/

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) on Tuesday morning launched raids in various areas of the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem, which included the arrest of 34 Palestinians 22 in the West Bank and 12 in Jerusalem, while the occupation claimed the seizure of weapons and means of combat.

IOF said in a statement that they arrested 22 Palestinians, under the pretext of ‘participating in popular resistance against the settlers and occupation soldiers, and possession of weapons.’

The occupation focused on the arrest campaign against the students at Birzeit University, where the activists of the student blocs were targeted at the university, and the confiscation of all the students’ holdings of mobile computers and cell phones.

Israeli occupation forces stormed the town of Beituniya and arrested the coordinator of the Islamic bloc, the prisoner Mu’taz Abed, and arrested the secretary of the Public Relations Committee in the student council, the prisoner, Bara Asi.

The occupation forces also stormed the town of Birzeit and arrested the former student council head Osama al-Fakhouri and the students Amir Adnan and Izz al-Din Hassouna. The secretary of the finance committee of the student council, the prisoner Mohammed Nakhla and the arrest of Bilal Hamid, were arrested after breaking into the Jalazoun camp.

In the Qalqiliya governorate, the Israeli occupation forces arrested Yusef Na’im Samha and Ziad Harami from their houses after they raided the homes of their relatives in Jayyus town and were in the process of abusing their contents.

In al-‘Arroub refugee camp north of Hebron, clashes broke out between the citizens and the occupation forces.

The Israeli occupation forces also arrested three young men during raids in several areas in Nablus. They arrested Abdullah Tariq Dweikat from his house in Balata area, east of the city, and stormed the southern lane.

The captured prisoner Ali Loulah al-Ghazzawi was arrested from his home in Awarta town and the young man Ibrahim Hisham Dawabsha from his home in Duma village.

In the governorate of Jerusalem, the Israeli occupation police arrested 10 young Jerusalemites during the night hours in an ambush during their exit from the town of Issawiya.

The lawyer of the minors at the Wadi Hilweh Information Center, Mohammed Mahmoud, said that the Israeli forces arrested 10 young Jerusalemites from Tur as soon as they left Issawiya and arrested two young men from Issawiya.

The Wadi Hilweh Information Center reported that the detainees were: Khalil Kamal Abu al-Hawa, Amir Sami Abu Al-Hawa, Hamza Zaki Khois, Osama Khaled Al-Hadara, Mohammed Tarek Abu Ghannam, Mahmoud Ahmed Ashair, Majdi Khaled Al-Hadra, Mahmoud Ahmed Abu Al-Hawa, Mustafa Mohamed Abu Ghannam, Mohammed Khaled Abu Ghannam, Uday Ayman Obaid and Mohammed Ahmed Obaid.

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