The Net Stock of the International Investment Position (IIP) Increased by 4% First Quarter 2019


The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) and the Palestine Monetary Authority (PMA) announced the preliminary results of the International Investment Position (IIP), and External Debt statistics for Palestine as of end of the first quarter 2019.

The primary results of the IIP (external assets – foreign liabilities) for Palestine at the end of the first quarter 2019 revealed that the net IIP amounted to USD 1,724 million, increased by 4% compared with previous quarter, which means that the Palestinian economy’s investments outside Palestine outweighs investments in Palestine from abroad.

The total stocks of External Assets for Palestinian economy amounted to USD 6,841 million, the Foreign Direct Investment Abroad contributed to 5%, Portfolio Investments abroad reached 20%, while Other Foreign Investments Abroad (mainly currency and deposits) reached 66% and Reserve Assets amounted to 9%. At sectoral level, the external investments of banks sector represented a large share of the external assets, standing at 67% of the total value of external assets for Palestinian economy.

The total stocks of Foreign Liabilities in Palestine (stocks of non-residents invested in Palestine) amounted to USD 5,117 million, the Foreign Direct Investment in Palestine contributed to 53%, Portfolio Investments in Palestine reached 15% and Other Investments in Palestine (mainly loans and deposits from abroad) amounted to 32%. At sectoral level, the foreign investments in banks sector contributed a major value in the foreign liabilities, represented by 38% of the total value of foreign liabilities on Palestinian economy.

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