Syria says its T-4 airbase near Homs targeted by Israeli missiles


Israel has launched missile attacks against the T-4 airbase near the city of Homs in Western Syria , killing an army soldier and wounding two others, Syrian state media says.

Syrian military sources confirmed at least one army soldier was killed in the attack that targeted the T-4 airbase just after midnight Sunday. The strike also injured two other soldiers and damaged an arms warehouse.

The Syrian air defense reportedly managed to successfully intercept a number of the missiles.

This comes a day after a similar Israeli airstrike hit the countryside of the capital Damascus.

Syria’s official SANA news agency quoted an anonymous military source as saying that the air defenses had “confronted” and “downed the hostile missiles” that were targeting positions in southwestern Damascus at 03:22 am local time (0030 GMT) on Sunday.

Israel has repeatedly attacked positions inside Syria. The Syrian military has mostly absorbed the Israeli strikes, locking its defense systems on incoming fire.

Bomb attack in Aleppo

Also on Sunday, a car bomb went off near a bustling market and mosque in A’zaz near Aleppo, northwest of Syria, killing at least 17 people and wounded over 20 others.

Four children were among those killed in the explosion in A’zaz, at the heart of a Turkish zone of influence in Aleppo province, said London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

No group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack.

The bombing comes one day after a similar explosion killed 10 people and wounded 20 in the northeastern city of Raqqah.

A’zaz is held by Turkish-backed militants. Ankara launched an operation in 2016, seizing areas in northern Syria, including A’zaz, from Daesh terrorists.

The move was widely seen to be aimed at preventing the advance of US-backed Kurdish forces toward the Turkish border.

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