14 year old wakes up in Israeli hospital to find his leg was amputated

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A Palestinian boy, Mahmoud Salah, was shot with an explosive bullet in the leg by Israeli soldiers. While Palestinian ambulances were prevented from reaching the boy, he was arrested and taken by an Israeli ambulance to the hospital after having bled for over half an hour.

The boy  was shot by the Israeli occupation on the 20th of May in the town of Al Khader south of Bethlehem. Eyewitnesses in the area confirmed that they heard the sound of gunfire in the town without any clashes in the area, followed by the screams of citizens who were there.

“After the Ramadan Iftar, I was sitting in front of my house, which was only 300 meters away from the shooting, and we heard the sound of bullets,” witness Ashraf Salah, who was close to the scene, said.

“We  were not allowed to approach the scene but we saw Mahmoud lying on the ground screaming in pain, so we knew that he was shot. The soldiers put their weapons on us and prevented anyone from approaching him, even the ambulance crews,” he added.

“He remained on the ground for about 30 minutes, without giving him any help.  The soldier in charge told us: this time shot on one foot, the next time will be in the two feet, in the sense of threatening not to approach the wall, knowing that the boy was in a residential area, and was more than 200 meters from the wall.”

Mahmoud’s sister, Amina Salah, published the detailed story of her brother’s injury on her Facebook page, in an attempt to call for justice and rights for Palestinian children and people. 

Meet my brother Mahmoud..Mahmoud wakes up on the 23rd of May, 2019 lying in a bed in Shaare Zedek Medical Center. He…

Publiée par Amina H Salah sur Dimanche 26 mai 2019

 Mahmoud wakes up on the 23rd of May, 2019 lying in a bed in Shaare Zedek Medical Center. He opens his eyes, confused and not fully aware of what is happening around. He is in pain but he does not recognize its source. He moves his left hand, then the right one in an attempt to check. Then he tries to move his right leg, and when he reaches the left one, it doesn’ t exist anymore.. there is nothing.

 He was in total shock; screaming, crying, calling for his mother. He was unsafe and left alone in a cold room where he does not belong. His family members are not around to explain or to console him.” 

 The post goes on to say that Mahmoud’s life has changed upside down in an eye blink that cannot be reversed though we wish so. He doesn’t want to accept and cannot simply accept his huge loss and is continuously asking how he will be proceeding his life without his leg.

His health situation is critical. He needs physical as well as psychological treatment, and the most vital thing is that he needs his family support. He wants to be at home with his family to strengthen him and help him accept.

Amina on behalf of the family, concluded by calling on all the local and international organizations that work in the field of human rights and children rights or any other organization that has the capability, to interfere in Mahmoud’s case and advocate for his freedom and getting the proper treatment.

In fact, we should be asking for a safe life full of playing and innocence, but it is sad that we are asking for a way more basic need that shouldn’t have to be asked for.

Palestinian children are constantly subjected to Israeli violations that mount up to killing. According to DCI, in 2018 a Palestinian child was killed by IOF per week.

In 2018 as well, DCIP documented 120 Palestinian child detention cases from the West Bank. More than half of the children arrested by Israeli forces whose cases DCIP documented reported experiencing verbal abuse, threats, humiliation or intimidation. The vast majority, over 75 percent, said they were physically abused during the course of their detention.

Source: DCIP

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