Hamas condemns normalization of ties with Israel, US-led Bahrain conference


Hamas movement has condemned attempts by certain Arab countries to normalize ties with Israel as well as a forthcoming conference in Bahrain in support of a controversial proposal by the United States.

Ismail Radwan, a senior member of Hamas, urged the people of Bahrain to stand against Manama’s normalization of relations with Tel Aviv, and pressure the ruling Al Khalifah regime to cancel the June 25-26 conference in the Bahraini capital.

He was speaking at an anti-occupation protest near the fence between the besieged Gaza Strip and the occupied Palestinian territories on Friday.

“The deal of the century will be trampled on by Arab and Muslim nations. Our people are utterly determined to continue the Great March of Return protests through peaceful means. A clear indication of their resolve is participation in the demonstrations despite soaring temperatures and the Ramadan fast,” Radwan said, referring to a plan proposed by the administration of US President Donald Trump for “peace” between Palestinians and the Israeli regime.

The top Hamas official then called on Palestinian Authority (PA) officials to stop security coordination and negotiations with the Tel Aviv regime, and work toward national unity.

Radwan also referred to the regular Great March of Return protests in Gaza against Israeli occupation.

The Hamas official said the protest movement would eventually break the Israeli siege on Gaza and disappoint the Trump proposal.

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