The European Union and Palestinian Authority Inaugurate a Multipurpose Building and Public Park in Daher al-Abed


The European Union and the Palestinian Authority inaugurated a multipurpose building and public park in Daher al-Abed village in Jenin governorate. Daher al-Abed is located in Area C of the West Bank. The project amounted to €300,000 to support building the social infrastructure in the village.

The ceremony which was celebrated over a Ramadan Iftar with the local community at Daher al-Abed was attended by the Minister of Local Government (MoLG), Jenin Governor, the EU Head of Cooperation, and the Director General of the Municipal Lending and Development Fund (MDLF).

This multipurpose building will serve as premises for the village council, sport youth club and multipurpose hall for social and public events of the local community. The public park also intends to serve nearby villages and communities. The open space the public park created will allow Palestinians in the area to start up some local economic initiatives within the village.

“The project we inaugurated aims to make a positive difference in the lives of Palestinians. This achievement is not only about completing the construction of the multipurpose building and public park. It is also about being able to support overcoming the obstacles to development that Palestinians face in Area C,” said Alessandra Viezzer, EU Head of Cooperation. “The EU and Member States joint support to Area C for over 300,000 Palestinians is integral to our commitment to the building of a future Palestinian State,” she added.

The support received from the EU Member States to support similar projects is channelled through the European Union Area C Development Programme in the West Bank. The EU and EU Member States support to developmental interventions in Area C initiated and promoted by the Palestinian Ministry of Local Government and the rest of EU yearly 300 million Euros support to Palestine, are in line with the EU commitment towards achieving the two-state solution.

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