Erasmus+ programme has made Fatima from Gaza a success story in her community

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Erasmus+ is one of the main programmes of the European Union in the fields of education, youth, training, and sports. The European Union believes that this programme contributes to strengthening the European-Palestinian relations in the fields of education and academic exchange.

The programme aims to develop the capacities of higher education institutions, to strengthen the relations of Palestinian and European institutions, and to open academic exchange opportunities for students and employees.

Fatima Lulu is a student in the Islamic University in Gaza, who has moved to Glasgow University in Scotland as part of Erasmus+ programme. Fatima tells us about her experience, achievements, and the new insights she has acquired within Erasmus+ programme.

  1. Fatima Lulu, a student with a disability, studied English literature at the Islamic University and is one of the beneficiaries of the Erasmus+ programme. Despite the many challenges of obtaining a visa and traveling outside Gaza, Fatima finally managed to reach Glasgow University in Scotland.

“I felt that this programme fulfilled my strong desire to learn more, to adapt to society and to contribute like anyone else to the development of the English language in my community. After applying for the programme, I was more than happy to receive a letter of acceptance as one of the candidates to represent the Islamic University,” Fatima said.

  1. “How wonderful it is to be part of this programme and to get this opportunity. I finished my BA at the age of 20 and I eagerly waited to have the Master’s degree. This experience taught me to accept others, learn from them, communicate with different nationalities, and believe that we are all equal human beings in rights and duties. ”

  1. “I developed my skills at Glasgow University and studied English language courses for academic purposes, research, comparative literature, and other courses. Presently, I teach students the English language. I have received sufficient support from my family, the Islamic University, and the University of Glasgow, which have never hesitated to provide the necessary support.”

Fatima added, “It is known that our society does not accept the idea of a girl studying abroad, but now they are proud of me after I became a success story, and studied at one of the best universities. I am convinced that society may reject our positions at the beginning but will appreciate it at the end.”

  1. “I was able to achieve amazing results in a wide range of fields. The most memorable moments in this experience were when I had the opportunity to speak to a number of Scottish people and Scottish Parliament representative, Sandra White, in a welcoming speech by Glasgow University. She was very happy to have invited me and she was impressed with the advanced level of my English. It was one of the most amazing days of my life.”

  1. “I built strong friendships and was amazed by the cheerful and helpful colleagues at Glasgow University. I encourage students to apply for Erasmus+ and advise them to engage with other communities, challenge all difficulties, and represent their country abroad.”

This article was prepared by Wattan TV

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