Ishtayeh: Int’l community cannot keep quiet about crimes in Gaza

PNN/ Ramallah/

Prime Minister Mohammed Ishtayeh called on the United Nations to immediately intervene to stop the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip and prevent its renewal, and to provide international protection to  the Gaza Strip.

“The international community cannot keep quiet about the crimes of the occupation against civilians. No one can be neutral in front of the bodies of children, and we do not accept the data that equalizes the criminal and the victim,” Ishtayeh said at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting on Monday in Ramallah.

Ishtayeh also pointed out that President Mahmoud Abbas has held intensive international and regional contacts over the last few days in an attempt to curb this aggression, stressing that the government welcomes any effort to cease the fire, especially the Egyptian efforts. Gaza.

Ishtayeh stressed the importance of strengthening national unity to confront the Israeli aggression against our people. “In this difficult situation, we as Palestinians must be united, and the government wants to do its duty to support and aid our people in Gaza and put every possibility to serve them,” he said.

He PM added that the government will run relief and medical aid to the Gaza Strip, adding that a number of government ministers are in the Gaza Strip today, “and instructed them to play any role there to support and assist in the relief of our people and our people.”

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