Palestinian holds Israel responsible & UN expresses worries


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has strongly condemned the Israeli aggression on Gaza.

“The silence toward Israel’s crimes and violations of international law encourages it to continue committing more crimes against our Palestinian people,” he said in a press statement.

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry also stressed that the “heinous” offensive “reveals the reality of the racist aggression committed by the Zionist American coalition against the Palestinian people.”

It also said that the Palestinian people were not in need of aid projects but rather a firm international position that enables them to exercise their right to self-determination.

The ministry further called on the UN Security Council to act immediately in order to stop the brutal Israeli aggression on the Palestinian nation.

The coastal sliver of land has been under a siege by Israel since 2007 and witnessed three wars since 2008.

It has also been the scene of deadly tensions since March 30, 2018, which marked the start of the anti-occupation Great March of Return protests, with participants demanding the right to return for those driven out of their homeland by Israeli aggression.

Meanwhile, Hamas  movement said in a press release on Sunday Israel was to blame for the violence.

Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum held “the Israeli occupation responsible for any repercussions of its crimes, violations, and rejection to implement the ceasefire understandings.”

Separately, the Gaza Joint Chamber of Military Operations, which comprises various Palestinian resistance factions, said that the groups had “decided to respond to the occupation’s crimes in the Gaza Strip in an unprecedented way.”

“Given the insistence of the enemy to target civilians’ homes, the resistance decided to respond in an unprecedented manner to the crimes of the occupation,” it said, without providing further details.

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