Fatah movement warns of the launch of a new party in Hebron

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The Fatah movement in Hebron in an official statement warned citizens from dealing with a new party named “Reform and Development Party”, whom it said aims to defunct village leagues which were created and supported by the Israeli occupation in the 1980s as substitute to the PLO, and to extend the sovereignty of Israeli occupation’s over Palestinian territories, adding that organizers and members of this party  will be held accountable.

“With the ongoing attack against the Palestinian people and its leadership in the face of internal and external conspiracies, pressures against our legitimate leadership to pass the suspicious deal of the  century, ideas and projects aimed at eliminating our cause, we are faced with a group of outsiders seeking to establish of a new group under the name of a “political party” aimed at eliminating our national project and the dream of establishing a Palestinian state,” statement added.

“This group called for a meeting in one of the areas that falls under control of the Israeli occupation,” statement said, noting that launching this group while operating in the Israeli control part of Hebron is a clear indication to Israeli sponsorship and support to such outcast groups.

The statement called on the Palestinian people not to deal with this party as it is dangerous to the national project.

In a statement released by the “founders”, the party called for “saving what could be saved under the current circumstances”. The statement indicated that it was launched to muster support and express the voices of the silent majority among the Palestinian people while seeking to end corruption, nepotism and reform the PLO and the PA institutions.

The new party’s “founding statement” stressed that it considers the PLO as the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people, but also said the PLO in its current form is unable to deliver to the Palestinian people their aspirations in freedom and independence.

The statement also indicated that all “so called historic factions” are corrupt and unable to communicate with and deliver to the Palestinian people.

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