MDLF Opens the Main Road in Jiftlik as Part of Area “C” Development Programme

Jericho /PNN/

The Municipal Development and Lending Fund (MDLF), the French Development Agency (AFD) and the European Union (EU), celebrated on Thursday the opening of the main road in AL-Jiftlik, a village to the north of Jericho City. The road had undergone major rehabilitation works, and funded by the French Development Agency through the European Union as part of the Area C Development Programme in the West Bank- package 4.

The Operations Manager at the MDLF, Mr. Hazem Kawasmi, spoke about the project in Al-Jiftlik, one of the benefiting localities, as part of the MDLF efforts to provide assistance to Area “C”, revealing that the total investment of the road was (EUR 240 thousands). The project had started during late October of 2018, and was handed early April 2019.

The project is expected to serve over 8000 people, both as direct and indirect beneficiaries. It consists of two segments: (one segment is 350 meters long and the other one is 930 meters long). Mr. Kawasmi explained, the project is one of the most important projects in the area given the fact that it is the only main road in the village. It is expected to revive the area both socially and economically by easing the movement of citizens, and allowing for potential economic activities on both sides of the road.

Mr. Kawasmi asserted that the MDLF had rehabilitated the road following the best practices, and adhering to the highest standards.

Mr. Kawasmi confirmed that the MDLF, and for three years, have been implementing the policies of the Ministry of Local Government by targeting the marginalized Palestinian areas, most notably in Area “C”, all across the West Bank.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Village Council of Jiftlik, Mr. Ahmed Ghawanma, indicated that the EU and the AFD had already supported the village with different projects, including: pavement of the main road, rehabilitation of the village’s clinic, as well as providing an ambulance for the village; adding that the construction of the main road in Al- Jiftlik serves the citizens and facilitates their movement across the area, especially young students. Mr. Ghawanma illustrated that the main road, spanning along 1300 meters, connects central sites in the village to one another, such as the clinic, the local school, Khallet Al-Fuleh locality, as well as the Bedouin compounds.

Mr. Matthieu Le Grix /Responsible adjoint Division Agriculture of the French Development Agency (AFD), emphasized that the French government is committed to support interventions in area C, in terms of providing humanitarian and development assistance, in addition to working in parallel with the Palestinian government to develop these areas, support their populations, facilitating their lives, and alleviate the hardships they face. Mr. Gury also pointed out to the fact that these projects will ultimately lead to an enhance economic opportunities as well as empower the Palestinian institutions.

”Area C is fundamental to the contiguity of the West Bank and for the viability of the future State of Palestine.

The European Union works in Area C both on humanitarian assistance and on development cooperation. Our developmental support covers a wide range of areas including infrastructures, private sector, environment, and agriculture.

Our social infrastructure interventions amount to around 10 million Euros of funds from the EU, Denmark, France, and the UK. These joint European interventions aim to make a positive difference in the lives of Palestinians in Area C who are facing very difficult circumstances by promoting economic and social development there,” said the EU Head of Cooperation Alessandra VIEZZER.

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