Poll: US public less positive towards Israeli government

PNN/ Bethlehem/

The Hebrew Maariv newspaper yesterday said that a poll regarding the American people’s position towards Israel showed they “support Israel but not its government” with 64% who say they have a favorable opinion of the Israeli people, while fewer than half (41%) have a favorable view of the Israeli government.

The poll showed a decline in Israel’s popularity among the young people in the United States, and an increasing support for the Palestinians, with about 48% of people up to age 30 have positive views of the Palestinians.

“The public also expresses more positive views of the Palestinian people than the government. While nearly half (46%) view the Palestinian people favorably, just 19% have a favorable opinion of the Palestinian government,” the poll conducted by the PEW Research Center said.

The poll also showed that the Republicans are still the most proactive supporters of Israel among the American public.

a large number of young Republicans no view Israel in the same way as the older generation of Americans over the age of 65.

The survey also showed that 34% of Americans believe that Trump is biased to the Israeli side, while 6% of Americans believe he leans towards the Palestinian side.

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