IPS moves striking prisoner to solitary confinement as his health collapses

PNN/ Ramallah/

The administration of the Negev detention center has moved the prisoner Khalid Al-Faraj, 31 to an isolated cell as he suffers a serious health deterioration due to his hunger strike since 26 March.

Faraj, a physical education teacher from Deheisheh Refugee Camp in Bethlehem, has been in administrative detention for four months and Israeli court renewed his administrative detention three times. His hunger strike came in protest against his illegal administrative detention.

Prisoner Bilal al-Afandi, who was in the same cell with Farraj, told his family that the prison administration had isolated him at 5 pm on Wednesday after a serious deterioration in his health.

Bilal said that Khalid lost seven kilograms and began to vomit as his body did not take in the saltwater. This caused a dehydration in the kidneys, nausea, headache, joints pain, stomachache, and eventually, Khalid was unable to walk, where his prison mates had to carry him to go to the bathroom.

Prisoners then held a protests against the administration’s deliberate neglect of his health, where they returned their meals and warned of starting an open hunger strike in solidarity, to pressure them to offer Khalid medical treatment and transfer him to hospital instead of an isolated prison cell.

For its part, Al-Dameer, which follows the prisoner’s case, said its lawyers had applied for a visit, but was surpised to find that it is dated to be on the 30th of April, which is a relatively long time considering the prisoner’s health situation. The administration claimed that the long time was due for the Hebrew Passover holidays.

In the meantime, a sit-in tent was set up at the entrance of Deheisheh camp in solidarity with Farraj, where the Executive Director of the Palestinian Prisoners Club, Abdallah Al-Zaghari held the Israeli prison administration  fully responsible for Farraj’s health.

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