Settlers shoot dead Palestinian  and IOF hid information to protect them


Settlers opened fire at a Palestinian who threw rocks at Israeli-plated cars near the West Bank village of Hawara earlier this month, human rights group B’tselem said.

After one of the rocks hit a settler’s vehicle, shots were “apparently” fired from inside the car. The settler, Yehoshua Sherman, then got out of his car and opened fire on Abdel Fattah who was “crouching” near dumpsters.

Another setter then exited his truck and joined Sherman and together, the two fired several more rounds at Abdel Fattah who was “lying wounded on the ground,” the report said.

“There was clearly no justification whatsoever for the additional shots that Sherman and the truck driver fired at [Abdel Fattah] when he was already lying injured on the ground,” it said.

The Israeli military said Abdel Fattah “was shot by civilians and neutralized after hurling stones at Israeli cars.” It claimed that the Palestinian man had later approached “one of the cars and attempted to carry out a stabbing attack.”

B’tselem’s spokesman Amit Gilutz stressed that the group had not learned of any stabbing attempt in its investigation of the incident earlier this month.

The group also accused Israeli forces of preventing the settlers from being held accountable. According to B’tselem, soldiers erased the footage of the incident on a nearby shop’s video recording system.

“They did nothing to arrest the two settlers, promptly drove the Palestinians away from the scene, and then addressed the urgent task of eliminating any footage of the incident, to ensure that the truth never comes to light and the shooters would not face any charges or be held accountable in any way,” it said.

مستوطنان أعدما فلسطينيًا والاحتلال دفن الحقيقة

كشف تحقيق استقصائي، نشر اليوم، الأحد، أن استشهاد الشاب محمّد عبد الفتّاح (25 عاما) في الثالث من نيسان/ أبريل الجاري، قرب مدخل قرية بيتا جنوب مدينة نابلس بالضفة الغربية، جاء نتيجة استهدافه وهو مصاب في عملية إعدام ميدانية شارك فيها مستوطنان، فيما كشف أن أجهزة أمن الاحتلال الإسرائيلي تواطأت مع المجرمين ومسحت كل تسجيلات كاميرات المراقبة في المناطق المحيطة، بهدف "دفن الحقيقة".التفاصيل كاملة:

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