Elections: Netanyahu secures Prime Minister position for fifth term

PNN/ Jerusalem/

The semi-official results of the Israeli elections were the  Likud party headed by Benjamin Netanyahu and the Blue and White alliance headed by Gabi Gantz, each won 35 seats in the next Knesset.

According to the Hebrew sources, the Likud and the Blue and White Bloc got 35 seats each, while the results indicated that the right-wing parties had a larger majority in the Knesset, which would give Netanyahu a better chance than Gantz to form the government.

Netanyahu’s traditional partners, Shas and Yahdut HaTorah, won eight seats each, Labor won six seats, Meretz won four seats, Lieberman won five seats, Kahlon won four seats, Hadash won six seats, the right-wing coalition won five seats and the Arab list won four seats.

Last night, analysts and the media, whose results were mixed with caution, announced that they would form the next Israeli government.

The preliminary results of the Israeli Knesset elections indicated yesterday that Beni Gantz, leader of the Kahul Lavan party, had stepped up Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party by one seat, with Gantz gaining 37 seats and Netanyahu with 36 seats. On the Israeli Channel 12 website