Al-Harah Theater launches the“Palestine International Theater Festival for Children and Youth” 2019


Al-Harah Theater announced the beginning of the activities of the third edition of “Palestine International Theater Festival for Children and Youth” with the participation of 9 international and 7 local theater and artistic groups, in a cultural celebration that lasts up to 11 days of theater performances of high quality in Bethlehem, Ramallah, Hebron, Jerusalem, and Jenin. This festival is part of the project “Creative Labs and Artistic Performances in Palestine – CLAP” funded by the EU and that is being implemented in partnership with Arts Council Malta (ACM), the International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts (IETM), and Zigu Zajg festival.

The participating groups will perform on daily basis in Bethlehem; morning performances for school students and open evening performances for the whole family.

The groups will also perform in the other mentioned Palestinian Cities. The festival will include more than 40 performances that target children starting from the age of one year and half and reaching up to suit the whole family. This is considered one of the main qualities of this festival as indicated by Ms. Marina Barham, the General Director of Al-Harah Theater.

Ms. Barham also added that this festival is the only International festival in Palestine that targets children, as accredited by the Palestinian Ministry of Culture.

The festival aims at enhancing the culture of attending theater among children and youth. Today, one of the most important parts of the Festival, the Street Carnival “Yalla Yalla”, will be touring the streets of Bethlehem with the participation of more than 250 participants, the giant puppets and the music, where Palestinian families can enjoy the parade that will start from in front of the Paradise Hotel towards the northern entrance of Bethlehem and reaching up to Bethlehem University, where the Big Band Brothers and Nablus Circus School will be performing.