Khaled: Abdul-Fattah was a victim of settler crimes and lies of the occupation army

PNN/ Ramallah/

Member of the PLO executive committee, Tayseer Khaled in a statement Thursday called on UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to work with the UN Security Council and other relevant UN institutions to provide international protection  for the Palestinian people against crimes committed by settlers and occupation forces on roads and road junctions along the West Bank,

This statement came in light  of a series deliberate and systematic killings committed against Palestinian citizens by both settler gangs and the Israeli occupation forces, the most recent of which was the martyr Mohammed Abdel Fattah of Kherbet Qais in Salfit governorate, who was shot on Wednesday at the junction of the town of Bita as he was going  to his place of work, in addition to Khaled Rawajbe from the town of Rougeib who was seriously injured.

Khaled confirmed that one of the settlers assisted with the other settlers to execute the Mohammed Abdel Fattah at the crossroads of the town Bita , when going  to work in one of the quarries of the neighboring town Jama’in. The occupation army not only imposed sanctions on the citizens , prevent them to continue their road between Nablus and Ramallah for long hours , causing suffering to the citizens, but practiced lying , as usually , when claimed that the Abdulfattah was trying to stab a settler, which doubles the responsibilities of the occupation army for these crimes,

Khaled  called on the international community to get out of silence and move without hesitation In order to stop this series of killings, which has become a scene that accompanies the lives of Palestinian citizens under occupation in the occupied West Bank.