Reports: Some EU ambassadors are pressuring PA to accept incomplete tax revenues

PNN/ Ramallah/

Palestinian political sources said that some European Union ambassadors to the Palestinian Authority demanded Palestinian political officials and Palestinian Finance Minister to accept the Israeli cuts of tax revenues which should be passed to the PA, in order to avoid a financial crisis.

Israel has decided to cut down the tax revenues which it collects on behalf of the PA, and mount up tp 42 million US dollars each month, as a form of punishment since the PA pays salaries to the families of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails and martyrs, which Israel calls “terrorists.”

Political sources told PNN that some ambassadors of European countries told PA that their countries would not cover any financial deficit if it continued to refuse to receive the incomplete tax funds.

To their part, Palestinian officials rejected such demands, saying the Palestinian position is clear and non-negotiable as long as Israel will deduct its sums of money, adding that they will not ask the EU to compensate these sums, and will not accept Israeli and American pressures to abandon the Palestinian families of martyrs, prisoners and wounded.

Officials said that the martyrs and their salaries are essential to the national dignity of the Palestinian people,  calling on EU countries not to be part of the American-Israeli pressure to accept Israeli conditions.

The rejection came in the form of an article written by Ibrahim Eid, director of the Center for Freedom Horizons for Studies and Research, who participated in a meeting of a group of foreign diplomats and representatives of international institutions operating in Palestine with the Palestinian Finance Minister, Dr. Shukri Bishara, which reviewed the axes of the Palestinian plan to face the recent Israeli measures to prevent the transfer of monthly clearing amounts owed to the Authority Palestinian conflict is undiminished.

Two weeks ago, the PA announced today that it will pay around 60% of the monthly salaries for its employees after Israeli tax cuts.