UNICEF deplores incident of interference in Ziad Jaber boys school in Hebron’s H2 area

East Jerusalem/PNN/ 22 March 2019 –

UNICEF condemns the entry on 19 March of Israeli soldiers into Ziad Jaber boys school – attended by 304 students – in Hebron’s H2 area in which a 10-year-old Palestinian boy was arrested.

“Children everywhere have a right to learn in a safe and secure environment, free from fear, anxiety and danger.

“While the child has since been released without charges, such incidents of entry by military forces into schools are all too common in the West Bank. They are highly traumatic for children and disruptive to their education.

“UNICEF welcomes the expressed willingness of Israeli occupation forces to issue directives that would forbid the entry of armed forces into schools and avails itself to support the implementation of these directives, in line with the Safe Schools Declaration which the Government of Israel is still reviewing.

“UNICEF further reiterates its concern about the high numbers of Palestinian children who continue to be detained in military prisons.”