Officials: Executions aim to sabotage marathon which exposes Israeli crimes

PNN/ Bethlehyem/

Palestinian official sources on Thursday said that the extrajudicial execution of the Palestinian youth, Ahmed Manasra on Wednesday night meant to sabotage the annual Palestine marathon to be held in Bethlehem Friday.

The annual marathon, taking place for the seventh year in a row, hit a record of 8,000 local and international participants, and aims to expose Israeli apartheid policies, including movement restriction, land grab, and the Israeli apartheid wall which divides Palestinian land.

The marathon gains wide international coverage each year, where the runners have to do loops of an 11 kilometer track to finish the full marathon (42 Kilometers) since Palestinian roads are divided by Israeli military checkpoints. 

An official source in the Bethlehem governorate, who chose to be unnamed, told PNN in a telephone interview said that the marathon plans are still on, as they are working to make sure it makes a huge success tomorrow to deliver the message of life and freedom, embodies by the martyrdom of Ahmad Manasra.

The source denied any rumors regarding the cancellation of the event, saying they were Israeli attempts to sabotage it since it contributes to revealing the reality of the occupation state and its racism.

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