Injured patient receives pre-hospital care in the TSP. Credit: PRCS

WHO: Five Palestinians killed & 1,100 injured during February

PNN/ Gaza/

From 01 to 28 February 2019, five Palestinians were killed and 1,188 injured. Of them, 630 were referred to hospitals. WHO Special Situation Report, occupied Palestinian territory, Gaza said Tuesday.  

Since the start of the mass demonstrations in Gaza on 30 March 2018, 266 people have been killed and 29,130 injured, on whom 13,732 were treated and discharged from the Trauma Stabilization Points (TSPs) and 15,398 transferred to the Ministry of Health (MoH) and NGO hospitals. 6,557 people had live ammunition gunshot wounds, of which 5,937 (91%) presented limb wounds.

As the current fuel reserve for hospitals declines, mitigation measures such as reduced sterilization, diagnostic imaging, cleaning, laundry and catering services continue to affect the health system, report said.

However, the Electricity Distributing Company has connected most of the hospitals with extra grid lines, which has decreased the dependency on fuel to run backup generators. In addition, ad-hoc donations from various charities have prevented the closure of hospitals. Meanwhile, the MoH continues to highlight the potential threat facing the health sector, if the remaining fuel gets completely depleted.

The report concluded by saying that in order to respond to the growing cohort of injured people every week as well as to provide support to those seriously injured that need specialized treatment over a period of time, the Health Cluster requires a total of $ 28.2 million. “Out of this, $ 9.7 million has been received, leaving a funding gap of $ 18.5 million. An additional $1.5 million is required to ensure the minimum needed resources are available to prepare for and respond to the first 96 hours of potential escalation.”