IOF demolish house of Palestinian prisoner. The family “they won’t tear down our soul”.


The Israeli Occupation Forces demolished the house of the Palestinian prisoner Omar al-Barghouthi, father of the martyr Saleh and the prisoner Assem, who is detained for carrying out the operation of Givat Asaf, which killed two Israeli soldiers last December.

The IOF, reinforced with bulldozers and heavy vehicles, began demolishing the house of Assem Barghouthi in the village of Kober in the Ramallah district in the early morning and completed it in two hours.

Violent clashes took place between youths and the IOF and mass demonstrations gathered hundreds of people in the Barghouthi family house.

The family was aware of the decision of the IOF to demolish the house as the so-called Israeli Supreme Court confirmed it on Monday after an appeal by the Barghouthi family was rejected.

In response to the IOF decision, the Barghouthi family said that the demolition of the house was a reprisal against the entire family in order to cover up their military and security failure.

Hanan, the aunt of the prisoner Assem Barghouthi, in an interview with the correspondent of the PNN network, said the operation was intentionally delayed until the release of the mother of Saleh and Assem, in order to make her assist to the demolition of her house, while she asked to complete it during her detention.

However, the family claims, “The demolition of the house won’t tear down our soul”.

Barghouthi family stressed that any house, in the village or in Palestine is worth and claims, “We say to the occupation and its failed officers that the stones do not interest us and we will rebuild them and we are able to do so”.