Minister Al Sheikh meets American and Palestinian Think Tank Fellows.


During meeting between a delegation from Carnegy Institute in USA with Palestinian minister of Civil Affairs and Fatah Central Committee member Hussein Al-Sheikh agreed on the  importance of strengthening Palestinian-American relations on think tanks and other civil society organisations.

Both sides agreed on the need to promote dialogue between Palestinian and US think tanks and other civil society players to highlight Palestinian positions in pursuit of peace.

Minister of Civil Affairs and Fatah Central Committe member met with Senior Fellow at the American Carnegy  Jake Walles and the Director of Horizon Strategic Research and Political Studies Center Ibrahim Eid.

Al Sheikh briefed the delegation on the latest political developments including the Isareli government decision to deduct the salaries of prisoners and martyrs from the Palestinian tax revenus.

Minister al Sheikh reaffirmed President Abbas decision rejecting the Isareli measure and refusing to receive the entire amount of the tax revenues in retaliation against the Isareli measure.

The Minister also affirmed that the Palestinian leadership will not make any compromises on this issue.

The Minister also reaffirmed the Palestinian leadership rejection to the so called US ultimate peace plan.

He reaffirmed the Palestinian right to establish an independent Palestinian state on the 1967 lines with East Jerusalem as its capital.

On his part, Mr. Jake Walles affirmed that the Palestinian Isareli conflict will only be resolved through meaningful peaceful negotiations to meet the Palestinian aspirations in freedom and independence and security for Isarel.