Kushner :Trump Peace Plan to Address Israeli Borders, United Palestinian Entity


red Kushner, son-in-law and senior aide to President Donald Trump, has told Sky News’ Arabia service that the administration’s much-touted peace plan will address all of the main points of conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians.

“We have tried to formulate practical and just solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian issue,” Sky quotes Mr Kushner as saying.

Despite the announcement, Mr Kushner was tight-lipped on details, saying that he did not yet wish to reveal too many.

“The American peace plan is very detailed and will focus on delineating the border and providing solutions to the main issues that are controversial and will be appropriate for the current situation on the ground,” Mr Kushner reportedly said.

The real estate mogul and husband of Mr Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, added that there is a need for internal reconciliation between the divided Palestinian leadership to ensure the plan’s success.

“Today there is a significant split between Judea and Samara [the West Bank] and the Gaza Strip. We want to see the Palestinians unite under one leadership. We know that all the Palestinians want a leadership that will take care of their interests and be free of corruption.”

nterestingly, Kushner also noted that the deal has so far received endorsement from the major Arab states, adding that they are also united with Israel against the perceived threat of Iran.

“The conflict between Israel and the Palestinians has been used for many years to incite and radicalize, when hatred of Israel united all the countries in the region. Today that has changed because of Iran, which is the greatest threat to the entire region and unites all of them.”

The Trump administration is slated to launch its Israel-Palestine peace plan after Tel Aviv’s upcoming elections in April.