30 school-students injured in Israeli teargas attack

PNN/ Hebron/

30 children on Thursday morning suffered from teargas suffocation, one of them critically, as a result of an attack by the Israeli occupation forces and settlers against the students of the basic Hebron school in the old town south of the city.

The ambulance crew said that the soldiers fired teargas grenades towards the students while they were on their way to school in its vicinity. 30 children were injured, one of them critically, and was transferred to Mohammed Ali hospital.

The head of the school said that a number of settlers, who is known for his extremism and calls to kill the Palestinians, participated in the attacks on students.

Hebron Governor, Maj Gen.  Jibrin al-Bakri condemned the attack, pointing out the increase in such attacks and violations since Israel  announced that it would not renew the six-month lease of the Temporary International Presence in Hebron (TIPH), warning at the same time of more massacres and crimes by the herds of settlers in the area.