Ashrawi: Warsaw meeting fails to meet requirement of serious diplomacy

 PNN/ Ramallah/

Ahead of the US-sponsored meeting in Warsaw between 13 and 14 February, Dr. Hanan Ashrawi on behalf of the PLO Executive Committee said the upcoming meeting embodies the irresponsible power politics that the current US administration is attempting to impose on the international community.

Ashrawi said that rather than leading a constructive and responsible global engagement based on international law and equality, this administration prefers the dynamic of unilateralism, coercion and hostility that will entrench conflicts rather than resolve them.

Ashrawi’s statement added that the Palestinian leadership has a duty to protect our people’s rights and represent their interests, which are under systematic assault by the US administration.

“Palestine will not provide cover to warmongering or legitimize efforts to market an Israeli-centric fake solution that normalizes Arab-Israeli relations at the expense of Palestinian rights. The US administration is seeking Arab funding for a politically and morally bankrupt ‘economic peace’ that denies the Palestinian people’s rights to national sovereignty, including in Jerusalem, and negates the rights of Palestine refugees,” she said.

Ashrawi also said that the Palestinian leadership has worked with the international community for decades to achieve a just, legal, dignified and lasting peace in the region.

“We remain firmly committed to reaching a peacefully negotiated agreement that achieves our people’s inalienable and non-negotiable rights, foremost amongst which is our right to self-determination and freedom.”

Ashrawi strressed that diplomacy and conflict resolution require brokers to be even-handed and to command respect by acting with honesty and integrity. Yet, the Warsaw meeting seeks to reward Israeli belligerence by enhancing regional polarization to the benefit of Israeli hegemony at the expense of prospects for real peace.

“In this context, we reaffirm that peace in the region is possible only by safeguarding and enacting the Palestinian people’s rights.”

Ashrawi concluded by saying that at this critical time, international actors must demonstrate leadership and insist on justice and legality and the global rule of law.

“The American paradigm, as it stands, offers neither peace nor security but threatens to further aggravate an already volatile and unstable region. Achieving justice in Palestine remains the key to regional peace and security.”