Netherlands State Secretary, Raymond Knops

The Netherlands to recognize West Bank & Gaza as birthplaces for Palestinians

PNN/ Bethlehem/

The Netherlands is set to begin recognizing the Gaza Strip and the occupied West Bank as accepted birthplaces for Palestinians, instead of having to use their birthplaces as “Israel” or “unknown.”

The Netherlands does not yet recognise the State of Palestine, as many countries do, but it will recognise Palestinian territories as the origin of birth  since it considers that Israel does not have sovereignty over those territories, which the Palestinians seek for any future sovereign state.

The announcement was made by Dutch State Secretary Raymond Knops at The Hague on Friday, according to an Interior Ministry release. In a letter, he said the territories would be added to the list of territories that the Dutch civil registry accepts.

He said the new category would be introduced as the terms were agreed upon in the Oslo Peace Accords signed between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organisation in the 1990s and in subsequent United Nations Security Council resolutions.


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