Tayseer Khaled : USA do not want anyone to observe Israeli crimes in Hebron


Tayseer Khaled , member of the Executive Committee of the PLO , member of the Political Bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, condemned the attitude of the United States, which prevented the UN Security Council, expressing its regret over the Israeli decision to end the work of the International Observer Mission unilaterally in the city of Hebron.

He added that the UN Security Council member states, except the United States, have expressed their regret, of Israel’s decision to end the work of the International Observer Mission stationed in Hebron since the terrorist Baruch Goldstein committed his terrible crime on February 25 1994, with the blessing of the occupation soldiers , who closed the doors of the mosque to prevent the worshipers from escaping and prevent the coming to reach the scene to save the wounded, as well as other measures, raising the number of martyrs during the funerals to 50 martyrs, 29 of them were martyred inside the mosque.

Khaled stressed that the United States alone has presented itself as an advocate of the Israeli decision. It also does not want anyone watching the crimes of the settlers and the occupation army, either in the city or throughout the West Bank, including occupied Jerusalem or even in Israeli jails . In this position and many other positions, the United States proves that it is a partner of the occupying state in its crimes and the crimes of its settlers against the Palestinian citizens under occupation.