Project for Sanitary Units in Aqqaba Girls School in Aqqaba City Funded by Japan


 Mr. Takeshi Okubo, Ambassador for the Palestinian Affairs and Representative of Japan to Palestine, visited Aqqaba City in Tubas Governorate to celebrate the completion of the project funded by the Government of Japan through Japan’s Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP).

A grant of US $88,460 was extended to Aqqaba city to improve the sanitation environment for the students and teachers at Aqqaba girls school, by installing of new toilet unit. Upon the completion of the project, 315 students including disability students in addition to 230 students from 1st – 5th class and their teachers will benefit from healthy learning environment.

In his speech, Mr. Okubo emphasized Japan’s firm commitment of supporting Palestinian people from human security perspective as well as the importance of implementing social and economic development projects needed for Palestinian communities.

Since 1993 the Government of Japan has extended its official development assistance to approximately US$1.86 billion, to the Palestinians. GGP projects have been formulated in collaboration with the Palestinian Authority through Ministry of Finance and Planning since 2010.