Palestinian Cabinet condemns Israeli military escalation in Al-Bireh


A weekly meeting of the Palestinian Cabinet was held on Tuesday, headed by Prime Minister Dr. Rami Hamdallah. The cabinet renewed its condemnation for the Israeli escalated aggression against Palestinians, storming several Palestinian cities, towns, villages, refugee camps and “area A” , including the barbaric incursion into the city of Al-Bireh, which targeted unarmed civilians leaving causalities and severe damages to their properties.

“These attacks are part of a deliberate war campaign led by the occupation government and its army against the Palestinian citizens in all over Occupied Palestine, which illustrates Israel’s disregarding of the international law in a serious and direct crime against the natural rights of our citizens to exist in their homeland,” the Cabinet stressed.

The cabinet also warned the international community of the dangerous consequences of its continued silence towards the ongoing Israeli violations and crimes, and called for concrete steps against the blatant Israeli crimes of the international law.

In response to the attack on Palestine TV office last week, the Cabinet stated, “The aggression is an assault against the Palestinian official media establishment and a subversive attack on the property of the whole Palestinian nation and the national Palestinian institutions that will remain a voice for the Palestinian rights and a vehicle to reveal the daily crimes of the illegal Israeli occupation.”

In the statement, the cabinet called on Hamas to adhere to the national Palestinian interests, the national Palestinian legitimacy, and implement all signed agreements under the auspices of Egypt, particularly, the latest agreement in November 2017, which focused on ending the political division, restoring the unity of the Palestinian institutions, and citizens in the Gaza Strip and the Occupied West Bank.