Palestinian national factions condemn Hamas attacks and actions against Fatah in Gaza


Leaders and representatives of Palestinian factions condemned Hamas and its security apparatuses in the Gaza Strip against Fatah movement and its supporters and institutions.

Sources in Gaza said that Hamas started arrests campaign against Fatah movement members  and begun and threatened dozens to force them not to participate in the 54th celebration of the movement.

Earlier  Fraiday unknown assailants raided on Friday the headquarters of the Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) in Gaza City and destroyed a lot of the equipment available there.

Local sources said five masked men, armed with batons and sharp tools and with pistols hidden in their pants, raided the PBC headquarters in the Gaza City neighbourhood of Tal al-Hawa, before they destroyed a lot of the equipment available at the site, including transmission and recording equipment, cameras, computers, furniture and surveillance cameras.

The assailants also destroyed the archives of the recording tapes, as well as the portraits of President Mahmoud Abbas and late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

The Palestinian government condemned on Friday the attack by unknown, masked assailants on the headquarters of the Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) in Gaza City earlier today.

Government’s spokesman Yousef al-Mahmoud described the attack as a “barbaric attack by mercenaries and paid squads of chaos” on the official and sovereign bodies of the State of Palestine.

Minister Ahmad Assaf, the General Supervisor of the Official Media and the chairman of the Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation (PBC), on Friday blamed Hamas, the de facto authority in Gaza, as responsible for the attack on Friday by five masked assailants on PBC headquarters in Gaza City.

Assaf personally blamed the chairman of the Hamas politburo and Hamas chief in the Gaza Strip for the attack, given the fact that Hamas has been the de facto ruler of the Strip since its takeover of the enclave from the Palestinian Authority in 2007.

“This crime comes in conjunction with the Israeli attack on the official Palestinian media. A few days ago, a Palestine TV correspondent was injured [by Israeli soldiers] in Nablus while reporting on the crimes of the occupation. Before that, the Palestinian News and Information Agency (WAFA) was raided [by Israeli army],” Assaf said during an aired interview with official Palestine TV.