Report: Settlement outposts safest place for Israeli extremism

By: Madeeha Araj/ NBPRS/

In his latest weekly report about Israeli settlements activities in the occupied West Bank including Jerusalem, the National Bureau for the Defense of  Land  stated that the Israeli government’s colluded with the settlers and cares for the Jewish terrorist organizations, such as, Pay  The Price, Derekh Haim and others have distributed photographs of the Palestinian President, Mah’d Abbas in the West Bank and inside the settlements calling for his death, attached by a Hebrew-sentence: “Assassinate the financiers of terrorism,” under the Israeli and American’s charges against the Palestinian leadership that accused him of incitement against Israel and the payment of funds for Palestinian prisoners and their families. This has brought to mind the Israeli-American incitement that preceded the siege of the late President Yasser Arafat, and mayors in the West Bank, who have been targeted by the Zionist organizations in 1980.

This was accompanied by the attacks on Palestinian citizens and their properties, where the West Bank’s roads witnessed roistering by settlers, accompanied by damaging vehicles and detaining people for long hours through military checkpoints throughout the West Bank. At the same time, the Israeli government took a series of decisions and retaliatory measures to put more land on the Palestinian land, where Netanyahu took a decision to legitimize more settler homes in the West Bank, and his  legal adviser, Avihai Mandelblit’s call to allow the construction of 82 settlement units in the Ofer settlement, in coordination with the Israeli Justice Minister, Elit Shaked, to legitimize 2000 settlement house in the West Bank.

 On the other hand, the Israeli Ministerial Committee discusses the “Settlement 2” draft law at the end of the week, in which MK, Betzalel Smutritch of the Jewish House Party is working to legitimize 66 illegal settlement outposts built illegally in the West Bank, knowing that all settlements are illegal under the International Law. In May 2017, the inner cabinet has decided to form a team for this purpose, but its members were not named. In January, Pinhas Fellerstein was appointed head of the team, and a budget of NIS 10 million was yearly allocated for 3 years to “settle” outposts built on land considered by the occupation to be a “State lands.

Within the context of the development of infrastructure and road networks, the Israeli Authorities are implementing the Adam Junction on Sts. 60 and 437 between Jerusalem and the settlement of Beit El, north of Ramallah, at a cost of NIS 60 million. Knowing that the Junction that the Palestinians named it as Jaba’ Junction because it is adjece to the Jaba’ town. It is a very important one in the West Bank with because it connects Jerusalem, Ramallah and Nablus Governorates.

Moreover, the Israeli Authorities decided to extend water lines from the settlement of Shvut Rachel to Magdulim for 7 km over the lands of Qusra and Jalud south of Nablus in order to expand and deepen the settlement activity in an area that links the 1948 borders with the Palestinian valleys. Thus, the water line # 06/996/2018 was set up to give water to the outposts east of the Shvut Rache settlement.

At the same time, scores of settlers, led by KM, Betzeliel Smutritch, stormed last week, the 2-year evacuated Amona outpost, which was built on private Palestinian land in the Ramallah area that was declared by the Israeli occupation as a closed military zone, and they erected 2 structures on the ruins of the outpost.

On the other hand, according to reports handed over to US tax authorities, 11 right-wing evangelical organizations have raised between $ 50 – 65 million recently to finance settlement projects in the West Bank. One such organizations is, the “Jubilee,” that sends evangelical volunteers to the “Har Bracha” settlement south of Eibal, Nablus, one of the evangelical organizations that act in what it calls the “biblical heart of the country.” Over the last 10 years, the Jubilee organization has sent about 1,700 volunteers to the settlement. The Israeli Ministry of Strategic Affairs, headed by Internal Security Minister, Erdan, announced that Jubilee will receive $ 16,000 a year starting this year in the light of its activity in favor of Israel and settlements among evangelical communities in the United States.

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