New Israeli law to expel families of Palestinian “attackers”

PNN/ Jerusalem/

Israeli minister of Education from the right-wing “Jewish Home” party, Naftali Bennett, will present a law to expel the families of Palestinians who carried out anti-Israeli attacks, the Maariv daily reported on Saturday.

The newspaper quoted senior officials of the Shin Bet (AKA General Security Service) who strongly support the law, in order to deter Palestinians from carrying out new operations, so they claim.

During the past week, four Palestinians have been killed by IOF, two of whom had reportedly carried out shootings against Israeli settlers in Ramallah and Nablus, and one of whom attempted to stab Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem.

Another elderly man aged 60, who was killed when he lost control of his vehicle and immediately shot by IOF.

Three Israeli soldiers and settlers were killed in the attacks.