Palestinian Think Tank receives 2018 Liberty Award from the Atlas Network

Pal-Think for Strategic Studies, a Gaza-based organisation for democracy and non-violence, has been awarded the Middle East and North Africa Liberty award by the Washington-based Atlas Network.

The Atlas Network connects organisations which promote freedom across the world, and chose to recognize Pal-Think for their work in advancing a culture of non-violence in the Gaza strip.

Pal-Think is “an independent Palestinian organization that aims to cultivate a healthy dialogue among political figures in order to overcome the challenges in Palestine”. Pal-Think has implemented a number of creative and educational initiatives that foster a nonviolent culture and community harmony. Its initiatives have focused on different segments of the Palestinian population including children, mothers, writers, community activists, and young people.

“Winning the 2018 MENA Liberty Award means many things to me,” said Omar Shaban, director of Pal-Think. “It conveys a strong message of support and appreciation to our work in promoting the values of freedom, entrepreneurial spirit, democratic transformational and the culture of nonviolence.”

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