Abu Hmaid family home to be demolished for the third time

PNN/ Ramallah/

The Abu Hmaid family from the Al Amari refugee camp held a press conference in defiance of the notification for the demolition of their four story home.

The Israeli Forces want to destroy the building because of their long history of resistance against the Occupation.

Munther Amira the head of the Coordination Committee to resist wall and settlement said that said that launching a campaign to prevent the demolition of the Abu Humaid family is a challenge letter aimed at challenging the occupation and preventing it from demolishing the home of the Palestinian family living in the Amari refugee camp.

Amira said in an interview with the Palestine News Network (PNN) that this campaign must succeed in breaking the schemes of the occupation.

Amira’s statement came during launching a campaign of  support and solidarity  with Abu Humaid family, which threatens by Israeli occupation demolition of the family home in the coming days.

Dozens of Popular Resistance Committees activists from various factions, committees and bodies have launched are stationed in the house and its surroundings to prevent the occupation army from demolition of the hous.

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