PA Cabinet issues a decree on implementing the agriculture census 2020

PNN/ Ramallah/

The Palestinian Cabinet approved and issued a decree on implementing the Second Agriculture Census 2020, which is going to be implemented in cooperation between the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics and the Ministry of Agriculture, where the agriculture census aims to establish a detailed, accurate, comprehensive and updated database of agricultural holdings, which is considered a key factor essential for the development of strategies and drafting policies for the development of the agricultural sector to improve living conditions and maintain food security for the sustainable development of the agricultural sector.

The agriculture census is one of the basic pillars of the National Statistical System, as the main means of producing statistical information on the general structure and other relevant areas of agriculture. It is the only data collection tool that provides statistical information on agricultural holdings at the lowest geographical level and is therefore an essential source of information for the ministries, institutions, decision-makers, researchers and those interested in State of Palestine. This may contribute to regional planning and optimal allocation of resources, as well as the needs of the private sector.

The Cabinet welcomes the visit of the Secretary General of the Union of Arab Statisticians and Hosting the Seventh International Conference of the Union in Palestine in 2020

On a different note, the Cabinet on Tuesday welcomed the visit of the Secretary General of the Union of Arab Statisticians to the State of Palestine during the period 27-29/11/2018, which resulted in the announcement of launching preparations for the Seventh International Conference of the Union of Arab Statisticians in the State of Palestine in 2020. The Cabinet also welcomed the signing of a memorandum of understanding regarding hosting the said conference, under the auspices and in presence of H.E. the Prime Minister, by the President of PCBS and the Secretary General of the Union of Arab Statisticians.

The Cabinet stressed that holding the Seventh International Conference in Palestine constitutes a major scientific statistical event in which a group of academics and researchers from various Arab countries will present their research findings and studies on many emergent and important topics. The hosting of the conference by State of Palestine promotes its support to the activities of the Union of Arab Statisticians, at which PCBS is a member, and it highlights and strengthens the presence of Palestine in the regional and international arena as well.

The Cabinet Submits a Proposed Decree to H. E. President of Palestine Recommending the formation of a Supreme Committee for the Statistics of the Palestinians in Diaspora