IOF begin operation Northern Shield under the pretext of destroying Hezbollah tunnels

PNN/ Gaza/

The IOF began its military “Northern Shield” operation on Tuesday morning which they claim is to combat Hezbollah tunnels in the north of Israel.

IOF states in their propaganda video released today that Hezbollah has spent years building “cross-attack” tunnels between Lebanon and Israel. It also accused the Lebanon government for failing to bring the militant movement under control.

With this the chances of a confrontation with the Gaza Strip are increased as what is happening in the north raises the chances of confrontations in the south. “Israel considers the Gaza Strip the most dangerous to Israel” states Meir Meir, a military analyst for the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper.

“The main reason we did not go to a military operation in Gaza during the last round is the lack of a good end to the game,” Meir said. “They preferred to buy a temporary ceasefire with national funds.

Earlier this year, the military destroyed a “terror tunnel” that stretched nearly 1km into Israeli territory. The tunnel was targeted after dozens of mortars and projectiles were claimed to be fired at Israel from inside Gaza.

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