Israel prevented Muslim call for prayer 47 times in November

PNN/ Hebron/

In addition to going through Israeli metal detecting security in order to be granted entry to pray, the Athan – the Muslim call to prayer – has been silenced at the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron.

According to Minister of Awqaf and Religious Affairs, Yousef Ed’ais, the historic Mosque had its athan muffled 47 times in November 2018 by occupation authorities, as it was apparently annoying to Israeli settlers in the area.

Part of the Ibrahimi Mosque, named “Cave of Patriarchs” by Israelis, has been divided by Israeli Occupation Authorities, where Muslims were given a censored part of it while the rest is used as a Jewish synagogue.

The increase of security against Palestinians and the refusal of entry into this holy site is a violation from the occupation that the international community needs to actively condemn, Ed’ais says. The silencing of the athan is yet another way that the Israeli forces are stifling the freedom of Palestinians from practicing their normal daily life.

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