Israeli police draft bill that allows forced naked searches of detainees

Ramallah/ PNN/

Israeli police are working on a bill to allow detainees to strip search detainees under the pretext of “preventing the entry of objects into police stations” even if there is no real suspicion that the detainee is trying to smuggle items.

This proposal comes within the framework of a government bill dealing with police jurisdiction in prison which will be discussed on Wednesday in the Knesset Constitution Committee.

The bill explained that the law enforcement agency was working on a proposal to allow police officers to strip search detainees and perform “visual inspections” to ensure that no items are being smuggled.

According to the draft bill, a policeman can conduct an inspection of the detainee in order to prevent a prohibited item into the place where he is being held. The police officer will be allowed to perform visual inspection of the naked detainee without any reason.

It also states the strip searches will be carried out with the consent of the detainee, but if they object, an officer may issue an order to use “reasonable force” to remove the detainee’s clothes.

The Judicial Review team pointed out that strip searches even if carried out in a dignified manner are a flagrant violation of human privacy.

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