MADA center wrapped up two workshops on social media in West Bank and Gaza Strip


The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) concluded two workshops on Monday 19/11/2018- the workshop lasted for three days and aimed at raising awareness of Palestinian journalists and media students across the West Bank and Gaza Strip on Digital Rights, this workshops is part of a 3 years project in collaboration with the EU office- entitled “a step forward towards the enhancement of freedom of Expression in Palestine”.

The project aims at enhancing freedom of opinion and expression, besides, access to information, it also develop journalists capacities’ to actively engage in the work of Civil Society organizations, as well as, to play a significant role to defend media freedoms.

Noting that, MADA has held two separate workshops one in West Bank – Ramallah/ City Inn Hotel with the participation of 24 journalists (Females/ Males). The other workshop was held in Gaza Strip at Al-Laterna Hall with the participation of 16 journalists (Females/ Males), the workshops lasted for three days (18 hours of training) since the 17th of November 2018.

The training tackled different topics directly related to digital media including but not limited to digital rights and all legislation that regulate digital rights and media freedom on local and international level. The training also focused on journalists / activists / Human Rights Defenders right to access internet and information that facilitates the free flow of information on social media.

Mr. Mamoun Matta along with Mr. Majed Arouri, trained participants in the West Bank, through focusing on the definition of digital rights and international standards that regulated digital rights – with significant focus on current legislation that guarantee media freedom and digital rights The discussion included detailed explanations of the violation of privacy and the blocking of websites and the recently enacted cyber crimes law by decree.

On the other hand, Khaled Halabi and Majed Habib in Gaza Strip focused on digital rights as one of the main axes of freedom of opinion and expression and the need for governments to guarantee the full enjoyment of these rights in digital virtual life.

It also focused on the concepts of “digital citizenship”, “digital governance”, “the nine elements of digital rights and freedoms”, as well as a detailed explanation of each of these rights, how to take advantage of this right and how to acquire this right.Several other digital concepts and rights of electronic piracy, cybercrime, e-courts, e-judiciary and compensation for cybercrime have also been explained.

At the end of the training, participants expressed the importance of the implementation of such workshops and the need for local journalists to obtain information and training on the subject of media and digital rights as a modern technology at the local level, especially with the technological developments in the field of media at the international level, The participants called for more similar courses to build their capacities in this field, especially in the technical field and the optimal use of social networking sites by journalists.

Mr. Mousa Rimawi General Director of MADA center distributed certificates among participants at the end of the workshop, and expressed his hope that this workshop has fulfilled the needs of participants in theory and practice.