Escalation on Gaza kills six Palestinians in less than 24 hours

PNN/ Gaza/

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip confirmed that the death toll of Palestinians since the start of Israeli escalation against Gaza has mounted to six people, while dozens were also injured.

On Wednesday, the ministry announced the death of three Palestinians, in the Israeli shelling east of Gaza.

Sources in Gaza confirmed that the occupation army targeted a group of citizens east of Gaza this morning, killing one young man and wounding 2 others.

The sources confirmed that the Palestinian resistance movement in  the Strip launched a new rocket fire towards the settlements of the so-called “Gaza envelope” in response to the shelling of young people.

The shelling comes after rockets were fired from Gaza towards Israel, leaving one Israeli settler in critical state.

It also comes as an Israeli bus was  targeted by the resistance in Gaza, in which there were several injuries and a  soldier was severely wounded.

Israeli media said “Iron domes” had intercepted dozens of the rockets from Gaza and most others fell in open areas, though some hit houses and other civilian structures, the military said, with at least one killed and several injured.

Palestinian militant groups in Gaza, including Hamas, claimed responsibility for the rocket fire and the missile attack on the bus, which they said was being used by Israeli soldiers.