PLO executive Committee member, Tayser khaled.Source:

Tayseer Khaled : Cut Off Clearing Funds Requires Suspension of Paris Protocol


Tayseer Khaled , PLO Executive Committee member , member of the Politbureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) called on the Palestinian side to free himself from all restrictions of the Paris Economic Protocol, calling it a violation of international law and one of the tools of Israel’s annexation policy in the occupied Palestinian territories as imposing a joint customs envelope between the occupying state and the areas under its occupation, In a precedent that is the first of its kind in the history of the colonial occupation , it also leaves heavy restrictions on the Palestinian economy and inhibits its development and opportunities for independent and sustainable economic and social development,” he said.

He added that Israel’s attempts to cut off the clearing fund , which it collects on Palestinian trade for the Palestinian National Authority according to the Paris Protocol and the signed agreements with the Palestinian side, which have an average monthly value of about 180 million US dollars , contribute more reasons to free the Palestinians from Paris’ economic constraints.

In recent years, Israel has been trying to use these funds as a means of extortion to extract concessions from the Palestinian side and to stir up trouble in face, starting with the threat of deducting part of it equivalent to what the Palestinian side pays the families of the martyrs, the wounded and the families of the prisoners in the Israeli collective detention camps, compensation paid to settlers in Gaza vicinity due to the damage caused by the fires burned by burning kite planes in the marchs of breaking the siege

He stressed that the national duty to show national responsibility to respond to the policy of the Government of Israel as it escalates its maneuvers and attempts to deepen the division in the Palestinian arena by using the funds of the Palestinian clearing as political extortion to confuse the Palestinian scene and hesitate to fold the page of black division.

He called for the restoration of the unity of the Palestinian political system and the building of a political partnership that would strengthen national unity in the institutions of the Palestinian Authority and the institutions of the Palestine Liberation Organization and to build a national unity government that would take responsibility for breaking the siege on the Gaza Strip and provide the requirements for steadfastness in the the occupied Palestinian territories policies and prepare for general Palestinian presidential and legislative elections, on the basis of full proportional representation so that all devote themselves to face the greatest danger of the the Deal of Century as an American – Israeli project to liquidate the Palestinian cause.