File photo: Palestinian cabinet meeting

Palestinian cabinet discusses political situation in its weekly meeting


During its weekly meeting held in Ramallah today, the Palestinian Cabinet, headed by Prime Minister Dr. Rami Al- Hamdallah, the Palestinian Cabinet condoles the Palestinian nation for paying the price of the Balfour Declaration after 101 years of land theft, killing and displacement of the indigenous citizens of the land, appeals to the international community to stop standing helpless before this historic disgrace and injustice, and congratulates the Palestinian citizens on the anniversary of the Palestinian Declaration of Independence.

The Cabinet condemns Israel, the Occupying Power, for storming the headquarters of the Jerusalem Affairs Ministry, and sets a timeline for commencing the Social Security Law.

The Cabinet stressed that despite 101 years of the Balfour deceleration, the Palestinian nation is still paying the price of Balfour’s shameful declaration through the ongoing Israeli violations and crimes committed against the Palestinian citizens and their land. The Cabinet appealed to the international community to stop standing helpless before this historical disgrace and injustice that led to the systemic demolitions of Palestinian properties, land theft and forcible displacement of the Palestinian people.

The Cabinet, further, noted that Israel, the Occupying Power, is convicted to this ominous declaration by enacting racist laws over 51 years of its illegal occupation of the State of Palestine, as part of establishing and enhancing its colonization project.

This coincides with the so-called discriminatory “Nation-State Bill,” which paves the way for the occupation to continue its ethnic cleansing and theft of the Palestinian identity, with the support of the Trump administration. The Cabinet emphasized the urgent need to end the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land and respect the right of Palestinian citizens to defend themselves upon all international charters related to nations living under a foreign occupation.

The Cabinet reiterated its calls upon the international community to implement its laws, legislation and humanitarian system that have been directed towards the realization of the principles of human rights and the values of human justice in order to promote the right to self-determination against colonialism and to realize the sovereignty of the State of Palestine on the 1967 borders.

The Cabinet called upon the free nations of this world to resolve the historic mistake committed against the Palestinian citizens, stressing that the Balfour Declaration will remain a wounded memory and a shameful stage of history.

The Cabinet condemned the misguided decision of the Prime Minister of Israel, the Occupying Power, to endorse the Israeli Knesset to pass a law to execute Palestinian prisoners inside Israeli prisons. The Cabinet stressed that the ratification of this law is another proof of illegal Israeli measures to legitimize the criminal legislation to kill Palestinian prisoners through Israeli courts. This law comes to disregard all principals and standards of the human rights system and the International Humanitarian Law as well as the third and fourth Geneva Conventions, which call for protecting Palestinian prisoners inside Israeli prisons and detention centers from extrajudicial killings, inhuman or degrading treatment.

The Palestinian Cabinet deplored the continuous Israeli violations represented by the latest colonial announcement to build thousands of settlement units illegally in the so-called settlement of “Ma’aleh Adumim” and the construction of new units in the heart of the City of Hebron and the Israeli measures to evacuate Khan Al- Ahmar village and forcibly transfer its Bedouin community.

The Cabinet demanded the Arab and Muslim countries as well as the international community to take their responsibilities to halt the Israeli violations and measures of displacement and colonial expansion in Hebron, which aim at flooding the city with settlers and settlements and uproot its inhabitants and indigenous citizens.

The Cabinet Praised the historical position of the Palestinian citizens of Jerusalem to boycott the municipal elections in the occupied city. In addition to their clear and loud refusal to grant legitimacy to the occupying power as it continues to implement its illegal colonial policies over the holy city. The Cabinet noted that despite the Israeli and American illegal policies against the holy city and the desperate attempts to implement the so-called “Greater Jerusalem” plan, which aims to Judaize the holy city, the historical, legal, and political facts prove that Jerusalem is an occupied Palestinian land, and it is an integral part of the occupied State of Palestine.

The Cabinet called on Arab and Islamic countries to address the violations of the occupation and urged the UN Security Council to commit to its legal and moral obligations and responsibilities towards the Palestinian citizens who live under an ongoing, illegal occupation. The Cabinet demanded an immediate implementation of providing international legitimacy resolutions, especially the provision of urgent international protection for the Palestinian people and their legitimate rights that have been subjected to ethnic cleansing and colonial attacks, including the demolition of houses, confiscation of lands and resources, attempts to take full control of Palestinian neighborhoods, including the Old City and Silwan.

The Cabinet affirmed its support for the steadfastness of the Palestinian citizens of Jerusalem until ending this colonial occupation and establishing an independent, sovereign State of Palestine on the 1967 borders with Jerusalem as its capital.

The Cabinet criticized the storming of the headquarters of the Ministry of Jerusalem Affairs. During this raid attack, the Israeli Occupying forces (IOF) confiscated a number of computers, files, and important documents, assaulted the employees, and damaged the offices. The Cabinet pointed out that such blatant attack is part of illegal Israeli measures to undermine the Palestinian presence in the city. The Cabinet also stressed that this crime is a clear violation of all international conventions, norms, and the immunity of the headquarters and its belongings. The Cabinet called upon the various international and human rights institutions to act urgently to expose the Israeli occupation crimes and to intervene immediately to force Israel, the Occupying Power, to halt its continuous aggression against the Palestinian citizens.

The Cabinet announced that on Monday, November 5, 2018, the Prime Minister Dr. Rami Al-Hamdallah met with the Board of Directors for the Social Security Corporation, and they briefed him on the ongoing preparations to start the implementation process of the law, in addition to other related issues. Al- Hamdallah stressed that the Government is serious regarding a collective agreement on the Social Security Law and announced launching a national dialogue with all stakeholders engaged with the Social Security Law.

The formal committee for dialogues over the Social Security Law will meet with all related sectors, federations, unions representing workers, and employers in order to reach the best version of the Social Security Law.

The Prime Minister also expressed his confidence in reaching a final comprehensive outcome that would be satisfying to all stakeholders and works for the interest of the workers and the employers.

Al- Hamdalla, added that the Social Security Law is a lifeline for hundreds of thousands of employees in the private sector and all other sectors to which the law applies.