Netanyahu green lights passing the “Death Sentence” in Knesset

PNN/ Jerusalem/

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave the green light to the leader of the governing coalition in the Israeli Knesset to pass a law on the  Death Sentence for Palestinian prisoners, Israel’s Channel 7 reported.

According to the channel, Netanyahu gave the green light to members of his Likud party to support the law on the execution of Palestinian prisoners, a law introduced by the Yisrael Beiteinu bloc headed by the minister of the Israeli army, Avigdor Lieberman.

It is noteworthy that the adoption of the law of the execution of Palestinian prisoners involves a serious risk that adds thousands of question marks before the international community with its various institutions that try to show their interest in human rights.

The law, ratified by the “Knesset” Zionist preliminary reading many questions about the possibility of passing really and the extent of its impact on the families of Palestinian prisoners, waiting for the day of the greatest joy to liberate their children where the Palestinian and international human rights institutions, the law passed approval constitutes a danger to the prisoners.