IOA order stop of construction of four houses south of Bethlehem

PNN/ Bethlehem/

Israeli occupation authorities on Sunday ordered a halt to the construction of four old houses which were rehabilitated in the village of Shushahla, in the town of Al Khader south of Bethlehem.

Coordinator of the Committee Against the Wall and Settlements in the Greens Ahmed Salah told the official agency “Wafa” that an army of the occupation army, accompanied by officials of the so-called “Civil Administration” stormed the village of to inform owners of stop of construction under the pretext of no building permit.

The houses of Ali Ibrahim Salah, Sarhan Mustafa Salah, Habas Khalil Salah, and Musa Ahmed Salah were all returned.

Salah pointed out that the occupation notified the citizens verbally not to be in Shushla after 5:00 pm or else they would be arrested, pointing out that yesterday, the expulsion of all the residents from them, accompanied by night bombing all doors of houses.

It is noteworthy that the occupation had previously notified three houses in the village of Shoshla stop construction.